Water distribution

Access to water where we need it, when we need it and with the quality that we need is something that we consider a basic right in most parts of the world. With population increase and increased utilization of sometimes scarce water resources, this basic right is increasingly being challenged.

In order continue to be able to meet the increasing demands for water, our water distribution systems have to be efficient and we have to be still more creative with respect to our utilization of the water. Many cities operate with one distribution network for potable water and another for water for other uses. And the focus on leakage prevention - or non-revenue water - is increasing.

Efficient tools for the modelling and management of water distribution systems are essential for the managers and engineers responsible for our water distribution networks. By the strong combination of world class GIS with state-of-the-art hydraulic modelling and close links to the MIKE water resources modelling tools, MIKE URBAN has become the toolset of choice in many cities all around the world.

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Marcus Richter