MIKE by DHI 2014

MIKE by DHI 2014

MIKE by DHI 2014 Welcome to the friendliest family of water modelling software
Time and again, we are told by our users that they select MIKE by DHI tools because they are more flexible, faster and more user-friendly to work with and that they simply make the users more productive.

Release 2014 brings even more speed and flexibility to professional modellers around the world! If you value your time and want to discover how the world’s leading water modelling software can help you to even better productivity, please check it out. Our 30 day trial licences are free of charge!

MIKE by DHI covers the water environments in a highly integrated manner and with more features than ever before. Whether you are working within groundwater, urban water, wastewater, flooding, water resources, rivers, marine, ports or coasts, MIKE by DHI 2014 covers your modelling needs.

MIKE by DHI - more than just software
By using our software, you get access to a worldwide support system of people that are highly motivated to assist you and help you meet your deadlines. You also get access to THE ACADEMY by DHI, offering a unique selection of professional training courses and user events.
With MIKE by DHI software and training through THE ACADEMY, you can quickly become the expert within your field.

Please enjoy the experience of the friendly water modelling software and the people behind it.